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5 Ways to Really Enjoy Your Food

For many of us, eating is an escape. The look and smell of food keeps negative feelings at bay, simply because we imagine the indulgence and expect the satisfaction we get from it. The tastiness of a favorite dish can evoke happiness and make us feel generally better. Over the years, the number of Americans eating food prepared outside the home has seen a considerable surge. In 2012, it is estimated that more than 43% of consumers are spending for non-home cooked meals, as opposed to only 25% in 1970.

These days, however, the exoticism of food – not to mention the overwhelming choices – tends to spoil the fun. You get numerous variations and versions of an otherwise simple dish, and the menu often contains the hardest-to-pronounce words that are supposed to stir your interest, but sometimes fail to.

How exactly, then, are we able to honestly enjoy every bite? Here are 5 ways to truly have a hearty meal:

1 – Pick the right place to eat

Food businesses are never out of season. Restaurants are scrambling to meet the demand, which explains the colossal food and food-related industries. For this reason, consumers traveling everywhere in the country include finding and taste-testing in the best restaurants part of their itinerary. If you’re in the Boulder State, visit the famous places of good food Colorado has to offer for a variety of great food finds.

2 – Learn to have fun with flavors

Most of us feed on the same types of food each day for meals and snacks. Mornings should be about pancakes, oatmeal and the likes while lunches and dinners are a little heavier in terms of the kind and quantity of food on our table. We are so used to their taste that we tend to unconsciously develop the need to consume them at certain times of the day. But who says our taste buds should be boxed this way? If you’re into cooking, why not concoct a dish of your own? Play around with the ingredients, spice it all up and have fun with the presentation.

3 – Let your taste buds explore non-local cuisines

If you have the right ingredients and superb cooking skills to match, see if you are able to cook food specialties from around the world. If kitchen work isn’t exactly your thing, try going to different restaurants offering gourmet dishes or international favorites. Have someone who loves the idea as well. You’ll be surprised how liberating that can be for you as a food lover.

4 – Eat with gusto but in moderation

You can’t help devour it all, and quickly at that – especially when you’re feeling so hungry you could eat a horse. The opposite, however, is the better way to go. Eat slowly, really savor your food and do not overindulge. This is the only way to truly experience your meal and take pleasure in eating. It helps you accurately gauge whether or not you’ve satisfied your hunger, which ultimately helps keep you healthy.

5 – Quit mindless eating

Most of us are so used to taking a bite or two of cookies within our physical reach. Be it in the office or at home, we mindlessly reach for that bag of chips and “enjoy some.” This defeats the idea that eating should be pleasurable and healthy. Remember how your body takes into account every morsel of food that goes inside it.

Food is our friend! Make sure you have the right amount and pleasurable taste to really satisfy your craving and keep you full throughout the day.

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