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5 Awesome Benefits of Green Pavement

Green PavementDo you know that Green pavement is now being used to construct pavements in most homes? Traditionally, what we commonly use today is asphalt, but it has many disadvantages. Though it is a great material to construct durable and strong pavements, it can cause heat island effect. In addition to this, since asphalt is not porous, it does not absorb rainwater, but instead lead rain water to the sewer along with the many harmful chemicals from vehicles. Thankfully, Green pavement can now be a sustainable alternative for your home’s garage and patio.

In this post, let us look at some of the benefits of Green pavement and see how it can help you.

1 – Porous

Green pavement is porous, meaning it absorbs water and let it return to the ground. This is very important because a pavement can easily accumulate gas, oil, and pesticide residue. Thus, when it rains, these harmful chemicals can return to the ground instead of being washed off to the sewer.

In addition to this, the porous property of Green pavement prevents water pooling on your pavement; thus, helping your pavement to dry as fast as possible.

2 – Made of recycled materials

Green pavement is made of recycled materials such as plastics. When people use Green pavement, they are actually reducing landfill use. There are also some techniques now that are being developed for Green pavement production. The new technique aims for companies to use other recycled materials other than plastic, such as the slag cement from iron manufacturing. If you compare Green pavement with the traditional concrete materials, Green pavement requires less energy, fuel, and resources to produce.

3 – Prevent heat island effect

Heat island effect is when a concrete pavement becomes hotter or warmer than its surrounding structures. When heat hits concrete or asphalt pavement, it will absorb the heat. On the other hand, Green pavement has a lighter color. The lighter color allows the Green pavement to reflect heat rather than absorbing it. In addition to this, since Green pavement is a porous material, it allows air circulation, thereby even more decreasing temperature.

4 – Environmental friendly

Obviously, a majority of Green pavements are not really green. They are called green because of being eco-friendly. Using Green pavements can lower the emission of greenhouse gases. It is healthier compared to asphalt which has harmful chemicals on it. Thus, Green pavements can help make your family healthier. In addition to this, Green pavements are safe to use.

The production of Green pavements does not require great amount of electricity and water. It can also reduce waste production and lower company’s operating costs.

5 – Better pavement design

Some Green pavers are made of smaller blocks of concrete. It comes with different size, shape, color, and style. Since they are like jigsaw puzzle, you can be assured that the pavement is strong enough for you and your car. Furthermore, Green pavers have small spaces between them. These spaces allow small grasses or weeds to grow, giving your pavement a softer and greener look.


These are the awesome benefits of Green pavement. So if you are looking for ways to improve your home’s exterior design, go for Green pavement and reap its wonderful benefits.

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