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5 Ways to Recycle Old Slow Computers

Obsolete computer electronics equipment for recycling, isolated on white.
Obsolete computer electronics equipment for recycling, isolated on white.

Many people rely on computers these days, or simply just use them a lot. So when their computer begins to slow down and show signs that the end is near they will just replace it rather than fix it. If you’re someone that’s stuck with a computer that isn’t preforming too well then here are a few options you have.

1 – Upgrading your hardware

Rather than just throwing in the towel and going out to buy a new computer have a look at a few upgrade options. Upgrading your hardware is the best way to speed your slow computer up a bit. Replacing the RAM and hard drive will do your desktop or laptop the world of good. It will feel like new compared to before, now that it runs programmes better and starts up quicker.

2 – Maintenance

A lot of people will just assume that their computer will take care of itself and won’t need maintenance. These people will have horribly slow computers. If your computer is slowing down and being rubbish, troubleshoot it before make the decision to buy a new one. There may be a problem that needs sorting to get it back to how it performed before, by troubleshooting you can find out the problem and attempt to fix it.

3 – Install a different operating system

An operating system like Linux will drastically improve the speed of your machine. There are Linux distributions that are designed to work on older computers. Linux also takes up less room on your hard drive, so it will leave you with so much more room than if you were running Windows or Mac, and therefore adding life to what was a dying machine.

4 – Repurpose your computer

If worst comes to worst and your computer does need replacing it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of the old one. A lot of people have started to repurpose their old machines by using them in other rooms of the house where they won’t be the primary computer.

A common use of an old computer is to start using it to watch videos if you are in the bedroom or kitchen, or as the main unit of a home cinema for the lounge. Being used as a secondary computer that won’t be used as often will mean that it being a bit slower won’t matter to you as much.

5 – Recycle it

If you have your mind made up that your old computer has to go then instead of just dumping it, recycle it instead. There are many organisations set up so that you can recycle your computer. Your machines parts can be recycled if the computer doesn’t work, or given to a school or charity that is in need of computers but can’t afford to buy them. A computer that seems slow and useless could make a massive difference to pupils that haven’t got any computers at all.

Many people these days will replace a computer as soon as it shows a sign of slowing down. If your computer is doing that then read these tips and see if it can sort the problem. If it can’t and you’ve decided it’s time to dump it, then you should recycle because even if it isn’t any use to you it may be to someone else.

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