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6 Effective Ways to Cope With Workplace Stress

work_stressIt is no secret that most of the stress that we deal each day comes from work. The competitive world pushed employees to the limit. Each working day is a challenge and more is being asked. Demands, metrics, job security, pressure and conflicts with co-workers are among the stressors. In effect there are jobs that can severely affect the mental health that it can literally drive people crazy. If you are among those who feel helpless and overwhelmed about workplace stress, quitting is not an option. Finding a job is as stressful as maintaining one. But, it is better to have a job than not to have one. That is why it is better to learn how to cope. Here are some tips that you can use to overcome and live with stress at work.

1 – Positive mindset

A worker that often harbors a negative mindset will not have rest and will constantly worry. Anxiety and stress are often generated by the negative thoughts that remain in the mind. If you view your boss as a terror, it would not help if you keep on harbouring negative vibrations. It would not change your boss to a meek person that you want him/her to be. Use the fight or flee response to your advantage. Stress is generated as a reaction to a very critical situation. Identify the stressors and handle it better. Stop and take a short deep breath or two. This will help you clear the mind and avert something that you may regret later.

2 – Look at situations

Positive action starts with looking at situations differently. Have you stopped to think if the boss is fuming because something is not done the way he/she wants it? If faced with a complicated situation, step back and learn how to break down the activity into bite-sized pieces. This would make the whole situation easier to handle. You are averting the chance of getting overwhelmed, frustrated and eventually stressed all over. Think out of the box, if you can to solve a problem that seems to be insurmountable.

3 – Find some love

Reconnect and re-learn the reasons why you love your job. Think about the ultimate reason why you do that thing you do. Ask yourself if you are helping someone with your job. Ask if you are making a difference in somebody’s life or help the community to become a better place to live in. People realize that they have to improve on their coping skills when they realize the value of the project they are working on. Most people just look at the sentence without realizing the value of the sentence to the whole paragraph.

4 – Let the uncontrollable go

If you keep on worrying about things that you can’t control, you will just ultimately fail. Not only you will fail but you’ll end up frustrated, stressed and feeling helpless. You are just wasting your time on something that you have no control over. Instead, focus on the things that you have control over and do a splendid job with it. Take the best action on what you have domain over. The achievement will make you feel empowered, invigorated and satisfied. Stress can be a nasty thing but if you are able to dodge it you can move better with your life.

5 – Manage the time

One of the biggest stressors at work is the lack of time. Take a look at what is happening. Ask yourself why you are not getting enough time to finish the task ahead of deadline. Find out why you are keeping on beating the deadline. Sending the finished task near the deadline reflects negatively on your work ethic. It may bite you from the rear during annual appraisals.

6 – Clean your spot

Having a clean workspace can help you tremendously in coping with stress. A clean desk is an indication that you are able to organize things around. Organization can help you lower the stress especially if you spend way too much time finding that file. Just imagine the amount of stress that you’re going to deal with.

Small worries should never be taken for granted. Soon these worries will balloon into bigger problems that may get out of hand. Simple changes can do wonders on how you handle stress. Don’t achieve perfection, just make your life easier.

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Ryan Rivera loves to give proven and effective advice to his readers to help them conquer the ill effects of stress and anxiety.  Please visit his Calm Clinic Twitter account for more helpful information.

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