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How to Deal With Libido Decrease in Winter

It is common that couples break up between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

There is a pressure the couples feel at that particular period of the year; also they get physically weak and vulnerable. In fact, the energy level is very low during winter which causes bad mood and stress.

In this article, we give you the reasons why and how you can get through this with minimum damages.

1- Mood

Men and women tend to be more aggressive and irritated at winter. This can be explained partly by the decrease of physical activity. Also the lack of natural light decreases serotonin level (neurotransmitter stimulating good mood).

Hence, we are inclined to be grumpy that period of the year.

– Our Clue : go out whenever you can, even if it’s for a quick lunch break. Daylight exposure increases the serotonin level and will cheer you up!

2- Yummy

Because we defy the cold, a dish of pasta full of parmesan, chocolate, candy, a glass of wine are the best way to get through this.

It is scientifically proven that we tend to take carbs and alcohol to boost your mood. It is a way to make up for the absence of sunlight.

However, going for this will push the guilt because of the extra pounds accumulated.

– Our clue : break the circle and go for proteins which stimulate our famous serotonin. So in the program: lean meat, fish, cheese, and eggs.

3- Sleeping Libido

Extra pounds pack in our body in winter (see point 2). We then feel less sexy. Add this to the absence of daylight that makes us want to sleep all the time.

No wonder that our libido is at a dead point!

– Our clue : nothing’s better than an outdoors activity with the wind and cold in your face. That will boost your mood and eliminate extra weight.

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