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How to Beat The Famous Smokers Cough With Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes CoughElectronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are commonly known can be described as devices which turn a combination of flavors and liquid nicotine into vapor. These battery-powered devices are specifically designed for heavy smokers and are a much more safer alternative to using tobacco cigarettes. This is because electronic cigarettes do not contain the thousands of harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide with are commonly found in tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs which are commonly used as nicotine replacement products offer users a variety of health benefits which come with quitting tobacco cigarettes. One main issue that electronic cigarettes help smokers overcome is the famous smokers cough. Below is a look at the definition of smokers cough, its causes, and how e-cigs help overcome it.

Smokers Cough

Smokers cough is something that is familiar to most of us whether personally experienced or heard from being around a smoker. Smokers cough is a persistent cough that develops in long-term heavy smokers. It can last for 2-3 weeks where it starts as a dry cough and progresses to produce phlegm. Smokers cough is usually worst during day-break when a smoker wakes up and becomes better as the day progresses.


Our lungs are lined with tiny hair-like cells which are referred to as cilia. The responsibility of these cells is to trap toxins inhaled alongside air and then move them upwards towards the mouth for expulsion. Tobacco smoke renders the cilia inactive and as such causes the toxins found in cigarettes to make their way into the lungs. A build up of these toxins causes an inflammation within the lungs and forces the body to expel the toxins which normally results in a cough. At night the cilia are no longer being exposed to tobacco smoke and therefore they begin to regenerate. After regeneration, the cilia proceed to catch and remove the accumulated toxins hence the reason why a smokers cough is at its worst upon waking up in the morning.

How E-cigs Combat The Cough

To begin with, nicotine is the only ingredient found in both tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Therefore using e-cigs eliminates the inhalation of harmful toxins found in tobacco cigarettes which are the reason behind the smokers cough. Aside from that, electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine to the users system in a different manner despite being designed to look and feel like regular cigarettes. Most of the nicotine found in electronic cigarettes enters the bloodstream through the soft tissues of the user’s cheeks instead of through the lungs as is the case with tobacco cigarettes. This ensures that no toxins reach the lungs.

After quitting tobacco cigarettes, the smokers cough almost always improves with time. However before that happens the cough may actually become worse. Most smokers who decide to quit tobacco smoke often experience what is referred to as, “smoking cessation cough” which is worse than the smokers cough. This however is no reason to panic as it is as a direct result of the repaired cilia simply doing their job by removing foreign materials from the airways, throat, and trachea thereby causing the lungs to become healthier.

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