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How to Choose the Right Trees for Your New Home

wonderful-treeOnce you have purchased your new house, it is natural to go one step at a time and decorate it according to your preferences. However, first things come first, and trees are definitely one of the first things you should have in mind if you want them to grow and make a beautiful shade for the summer. Having a big yard demands having big trees, whereas small yards will require planting either tall or small and skinny trees. But which one should you choose, you may wonder. Well, here are some tips for making the right decision.

Yard Size

The size of your yard or garden may be one of the main factors which will influence your decision. Here are some of the trees you may find useful if having a small yard. On the other hand, if your yard is big enough and you want a tree that will make a shade for your first floor bedrooms, you will need a tall and wide tree, which can grow 30 to 40 feet in height, and about 30 feet in width. A typical example of a tall tree is the golden rain tree, which is great to maintain because it is seldom attacked by pests, and can grow on different soils. However, it casts a little shade, so a better option would be perhaps any kind of Maple tree.

The Climate and Soil

Another thing you should consider is type of the soil and the climate you are living in, especially if you are in a hot and dry climate. In a recent conversation with reputed Sydney-based providers of tree services, it was brought to my attention that evergreen trees do not need much water and they can endure hot weather. On the other hand, in a wet climate, you may consider planting a fruit tree which needs a lot of water, especially when young, such as orange and lemon trees. However, these will grow very low, and you will have to provide them with good pollinisers, in order to make sure that they would give you fruit.

Type of Trees

Maintenance is one of the biggest issues. If you need a tree to improve your home privacy, then you can choose evergreen tree. Evergreens, naturally, keep their leaves during the entire year and are good especially if you live in a windy area. They come in different sizes and shapes, and it would be best if you planted them on the north side of your home. Deciduous trees need more light since they lose their leaves in fall, this way allowing enough light and warmth to pass through their branches during winter, a giving splendid shades during summertime.

And finally, consider that by choosing any type of tree, you will improve the environment and give your contribution to the creation of oxygen in your microclimate. And not only will this contribution be useful, but it will decorate the space when in bloom, and give you beautiful fruit in the fall as well.

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