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Microdermabrasion: Way Better Looks in 2014

MicrodermabrasionYou often wonder why so many Hollywood celebrities would still look great even with a straight late night shows. And for your info, it might not just be their genes alone, their beauty treatments might do some additional jobs to keep them young wrinkle and acne free.

Microdermabrasion has been one of the treatments that most doctors administer to the famous. And to think that movie star complexion used to be impossible! But now a microdermabrasion can be requested and has been a staple in most beauty clinics all over the world.

Way to Look Better

Michelle Williams, Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts are three major celebrities who has been purported to use the microdermabrasion treatment.

The treatment is a non-surgical procedure that is often done by a dermatologist or a licensed aesthetician.  Since it is non-invasive and a better option compared to Dermabrasion, the treatment requires no downtime and doesn’t need any anesthesia.

The microdermabrasion acts as an exfoliation technique and clean pores deeply. Benefits of microdermabrasion? See below:

  1. Make skin soft and smooth
  2. Brighten complexion
  3. Rejuvenate skin
  4. Make your skin look younger
  5. Can erase sun damage
  6. Can reduce the appearance of minor scars
  7. Can be compatible with any skin color and type
  8. Lessen stretch marks

Some skin conditions though that may stop you from getting that treatment is if you have prior condition such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or ongoing acne. Check with your doctor first before trying to go under the treatment.

The instrument or machine used for the treatment is a minimally abrasive instrument that is gentle in the skin while it removes the uneven, thick outer layer. The device is a handheld one or a diamond tipped wand.

Microdermabrasion has also been popular since it can aid in the collagen production making skin look younger, tauter and smooth.

Keep it Safe

Of course, like all other treatments, your safety should always come first. When having the treatment, make sure that you are getting it from a respectable clinic and the one administering it has been knowledgeable in the process. Your needs may vary which most often would ask the machine to perform varying intensity as well.

Some risks of the procedure involve pinpoint bleeding and even abrasions. Also, some home microdermabrasion is available in the market. But they shouldn’t be administered if you have no go signal from any expert. DIY cosmetic treatment sometimes can do you bad than good. So it’s better to present yourself in a clinic that got all the license and the knowledge of the procedure.

And for those who already got the treatment, a sunscreen can do good to help in protecting your skin. Avoiding the sun altogether can be a good option as well. When going out, use an umbrella or a hat. It’s the most you can do since after most treatments your skin might be at higher risk.

And to have it more effective, always do your skin treatments at regular intervals. In no time, it can be celeb perfect skin for you.

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