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Natural Remedies For Pregnancy Discomforts

Morning sickness - pregnancyPregnancy is not without its little problems. While they may be common, they can still give you great discomfort during your pregnancy. That does not mean, however, that you have to endure them. Many remedies can help with problems such as backache and morning sickness, and while they cannot be completely cured, some remedies can help ease the discomfort brought on by these complaints.

If you feel that modern medicine is something you want to avoid during your pregnancy, there are other possibilities to try, but with alternative as with any other medicine, it is best to seek professional help. For the following problems, there are options that might be worth looking into.


One of the most common problems during pregnancy. Your body releases relaxing hormone to prepare the tissues by softening them and the ligaments of the body for childbirth. This, along with the extra weight you are carrying, can put additional pressure on the back. You can ease this by trying to adjust your posture. Stand straight by drawing in your lower abdomen and gently tighten your pelvic floor muscles; also hold your shoulders back. During the last week of pregnancy, you can put four drops of ylang-ylang or lavender oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil in your bath, which can benefit muscle relaxation. If the pain becomes too persistent, seek the professional guidance of an osteopath as they can help you adjust your posture.

Morning sickness

It can happen at any time during the day and symptoms can range from mild queasiness to full-blown nausea and vomiting. Low blood sugar can make you feel worse, so try to eat often and small portions whilst avoiding fatty foods. Lentils, fish and cereals are good sources of vitamin B6. Review any supplements you take as this can develop nausea in the first trimester. Some other alternative medicines include taking a 6C potency of homeopathic remedies such as sepia, pulsatilla, nux vomica or ipecac every two hours. Review these remedies and if you do not feel any improvement within 24 hours, then they are most likely not working for you.


As the uterus grows during pregnancy, it puts pressure on your stomach and forces stomach acid into your oesophagus which can cause the burning sensation. Avoid spicy, fried, rich or yeasty foods to prevent the chances of this happening. To help ease this, increase the amount of alkaline foods such as yoghurt, milk or fruits like pineapple and papaya. These foods contain the enzymes that can aid in digestion. Other herbal remedies that you can take are fennel tea, or herbs and spices such as caraway or dill that you can put in your cooking as these can also help with digestion.

As with any alternative medicine, it is best to seek professional guidance first. If you want to continue a natural pregnancy, you might want to consider alternative birthing techniques (such as underwater childbirth) that can promote a sense of calm and help aid in an easy labour. Speak to your GP or midwife about other such therapies.

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