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To Wrap or to Paint? Find Out What To Do With Your Car

car-wrappingYou have two options when it comes to upgrading your car’s exterior: give it a paint job or have it wrapped. There are pros and cons to each, so, you have to be very careful which one to opt for.

Since repainting is the more popular option, let’s discuss it first.

New Paint, New Look

Nothing beats the gloss and shine a new paint job provides. After the repaint job is done, your car will look like it’s a different vehicle. Even old cars can look brand new after a fresh paint. Not only will repainting give your car the gloss and shine, but it will also get rid of the nicks and scratches it has acquired over the years.

Added Value

Some car enthusiasts might argue that a paint job will decrease the value of a car. That is true if the paint job is done poorly. This is the reason that having your car painted by a professional is very critical. There is no problem with painting your car yourself, but if you want to add value to your vehicle, it would make sense to invest in a professional paint job.

What About Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is no doubt the best alternative to a paint job. Car owners who couldn’t afford a paint job would usually go for this option. Despite the fact that it is more affordable than a paint job, it is in no way cheap. In fact, more and more enthusiasts prefer to have their cars wrapped due to the many benefits and advantages it provides.

Get the Look Only Car Wrapping Can Give

One of the main reasons many car owners prefer car wrapping is that it can give your car a look that a paint job could never provide. The issue with a paint job is that people will easily notice that the car has been repainted, especially if the job was done unprofessionally. With a car wrap, however, you can get the exact look you want without your car looking cheap.

Protect the Paintwork

Another advantage of car wrapping is that it protects the paintwork of your vehicle. Should you wish to restore your car’s original look, you can simply lift the wrap and take it off. Some would argue that taking the wrap could damage the paintwork. Yes, that is true, but only if you have used cheap vinyl material. Again, this is where the importance of investing in high-quality professional work comes in. If you can get the best vinyl wrapping car service in your area, go for it even it is the most expensive you can find. It won’t be as expensive as a new paint job after all.

Basic maintenance for car wraps and paintwork is similar. As long as you follow your supplier’s instructions on how to take care of your car’s exterior, you won’t have any problems whether you go for paint or car wrap. In the end, it is really up to you to decide which path you would like to follow. It would also be a good idea to talk to people you know who have had their cars wrapped or repainted and what their experiences are.

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