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5 Housewarming Party Gift Ideas

housewarming-giftsIf you have a circle of friends, it is likely at some point in your life you will be invited to a housewarming party. In fact, if you are reading this, it is probable that you have received that invitation and are looking to find the perfect housewarming gift for your friends new endeavor. Typically when people move into new homes, especially after a costly wedding, there are many household items and appliances that they will need to make their house into a home. Here are 5 ideas of what makes the best housewarming gifts.

1. Housewares

Housewares are one of the essential elements to making a household run smoothly and look great, especially in the kitchen. I mean let’s face it, you can’t very well prepare meals without pots, pans and dishes to serve your feasts upon. If you know your friend really well and you know that they collect roosters, than a rooster themed kitchen towel and rug set proves thoughtful; however be careful not to implement your own idea of cuteness and style on their gift if you are uncertain. A kitchen full of roosters is a big commitment and if your friend detests country themed décor, your gift will end up unused or donated. Your safest housewares’ gifts are stainless steel kitchen appliances, pots and pans, or glassware.

2. Welcome Mat

What is a new home without a welcome mat at the front door? This gift is a viable option when you are looking for a gift that is thoughtful without breaking the budget. There is a variety of options for welcome mats; I suggest a simple welcome print rather than a themed mat, again unless you are comfortable in knowing your gift recipient well enough to know that the theme caters to a personal passion or style they have.

3. Table Linens

Setting the table with decorative table linens for your friends dining experiences is a welcomed housewarming gift. The great thing about table linens is that they can be removed and swapped out for different occasions, so you have a little more flexibility with giving prints or patterns with this gift. Of course, you can give a simple, solid colored tablecloth; however you may opt to give a damask, fancier lace or embroidered covering, or even a fun, holiday themed print for their tablecloth needs. Linen napkins are a great gift because it sets the table more elegantly for special occasions and is often times an item a person would use if they had, but puts off purchasing for themselves.

4. Patio Furniture’s And Cushions

Another area that may be neglected during the onset of a new home purchase, is the patio or backyard deck. This makes patio furnishings and accessories a great housewarming gift option. A simple two chair and table set for a new couple to enjoy each others company outdoors, is a fabulous gift. Don’t skimp on providing the comfort and décor of patio furniture cushions and coverings to protect the furniture from weather wear and tear.

5. Household Needs

This department tends to be the least desirable gift option because it’s not pretty; however there are tons of household needs that can be overwhelming to purchase solely in addition to a new home, thus making these very thoughtful gift ideas. Every home needs trash cans. A trash can for the kitchen, an office space, the bedroom and the bathrooms of the home, are all necessities. Laundry hampers and baskets are needs, and a laundry caddy that rolls between the washer and dryer to hold all laundry room products is a great gift. Storage helps such as: closet organizers, shoe racks and garment bags are all ideal storage solutions and can make for the best housewarming gifts.

Consider these five housewarming gift idea options carefully and select gifts that correlate best to what you know about your friend and caters best to what their housewarming needs.

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