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5 indoor plants to blow away your interior

In a short time, indoor plants have become a must in our home.

They definitely value your interior in a charming way!

We suggest you 5 indoor plants and show you how to benefit from their beauty as long as possible.

1- Phalaenopsis OrchidPhalaenopsis Orchid

This plant can be found in pink, white, orange or yellow. They have the shape of a butterfly and scent nice.

In order to keep them alive longer, try to place it in a room with a temperature that varies between 18 and 25°C (the bathroom is considered as the best place).

You can water this plant once per week (from October to January) and twice per week from (February to September).

2- Anthurium (Flamingo Flower)Anthurium (Flamingo Flower)

This exotic plant from Colombia is appreciated for its large red leaves. They can also be pink or white or even orange and purple.

This plant requires too much light but no direct sun. The ideal place would be next to a window. The right temperature would be between 18 and 21°C.

Regarding the watering, it is advised to warm the water (in spring and summer). Also, water the plant whenever the pot’s surface is dry.

Finally, remember that the anthurium doesn’t stand dry weather of our interiors. So, don’t hesitate to spray water on the leaves.

3- CactusCactus

This plant is fascinating and we find it everywhere. Nevertheless, they need a lot of care in order to stay alive. In fact, they need too much light, and warmth but a minimum of water.

Hence, the best place for them is on the window in spring and outdoor in summer.

During winter, put the plant in a heated veranda!

For watering, go for 2 to 3 times per month during spring and summer. In winter, they need to be watered once a month only!

4- BromeliaBromelia

This exotic plant is appreciated for its vivid colors and flashy leaves.

They need much light to grow and would stand better in a veranda. For watering, it is important to water the soil only when it is dry. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you water too much; otherwise the roots will start rotting. It will be good also to spray the leaves one per week.

5- PalmsPalms

Symbol of Caribbean islands, the palms are more and more used in the gardens.

Palms usually appreciate vivid light in the apartment or a house. They will fit as well in the veranda or the winter garden.

For these plants, the temperature must be superior to 10°C and inferior to 24°C.

Concerning the watering, you need to remember that the palms adore water. Hece, never let the soil dry!

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