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5 tips to prevent overweight luggage

prevent overweight luggageThe allowed weight of hold luggage varies from an airline company to another, but it is rare that one can exceed 20 kg.

Here are some tips to help you prevent overweight luggage.

1 – Prepare a checklist

Before you make your case, you must begin by preparing a list of essential elements you’ll need during your stay, and please : no “in case”! There are smartphone applications to help you doing this, such as LuggageChecklist for Android and GetPacked for iPhone.

2 – Optimize space

Clothes usually occupy much space. A simple technique is to lay them flat in the bag, with the least possible folds. You can also flatten them with an iron. Roll underwear and socks into a ball, it allows you to fill all the holes (eg shoes) and well stall all your belongings.
The goal is not to reduce the weight, but to gain volume.

3 – Cosmetics small size

The shampoo, soap, deodorant … are often the heaviest items in your suitcase. It is best to use small bottles or to purchase them once arrived to destination.

4 – Take on self

Another effective tip to reduce the weight of baggage is to take the maximum on self at your departure (Jacket, hiking shoes, books …), your case will be much lighter.

5 – Travel light

If you travel light, you will always find what you really need when you arrive. Besides, you’ll have enough space to fill with souvenirs, especially if you decide to leave some of your luggage behind.

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  1. This is really a handy guide specially for those who is going to travel by Plane.
    I would like to suggest one more thing that we should avoid, those things easily available with the same price at your destination.