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Choosing the Right Paint Color for the Right Mood

choose-room-colorPeople have a certain way in which they respond to different colors. The psychologists have been talking about this and debating it for decades but the fact remains – certain colors provoke certain emotional responses and moods in people. One way to use this is to learn about these responses and how colors affect the human mind and use this when choosing the right color of paint for different rooms in your house.

1. Bright is big, dark is cozy

Before we get on to specific colors, there is one thing that you should know about the lightness of the colors. Brighter colors and brighter tones “expand” the room, they make any room you paint in a light color seem bigger. On the other hand, darker tones and colors can make a room feel cozy. Darker colors make it seem smaller and more “protected” in a way. So, if you want to make a room look bigger, go light; if you want it to feel like your own little private cave, go dark.

2. The relaxing greens and blues

Both the color green and the color blue give off a sense of peace and tranquility, especially if you choose toned-down and darker shades of these colors. The reason why they paint hospitals green is that it is a calming color. The same is true for blue. In short, if you want to turn a certain room into space for relaxation and rest, go with green or blue. These colors are perfect for the bedroom, for instance, or a bathroom.

3. Friendly and uplifting orange

Orange is a very specific color as it makes people feel welcome wherever they are. It is a color that gives off the feeling of friendliness and joy. These are the effects that make the color orange a perfect choice for a living room or a dining room, somewhere where you will entertain guests. Also, they have shown that the color orange can increase productivity. If you have a home office, you should consider putting a bit of orange into the space.

4.  Exciting and passionate red

Red is the color that is associated with excitement and passion. Humans respond subconsciously to the color red in a certain way and there is no escaping it. This is why professional painting experts recommend that red is used carefully, mostly for details. Too much of the red and things can get a bit too exciting. For instance, a few red details in the bedroom will always go well, but never paint the entire bedroom in this color. It will be too much.

5. Inspiring and joyful yellow

People love the color yellow. It has a deep connection in our brains with the sun, the wheat, everything that was good for our ancestors. And today, we cannot help but feel happier when we walk in a room that is painted yellow. What this means is that the color yellow will work in every room. Of course, you will want to choose the shade and the strength of your yellow carefully in order not to make it too exciting and overwhelming.

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