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A Sophisticated Approach To Curb Appeal

Curb_AppealFirst impressions count for a lot, especially when it comes to your home. The curb appeal of your home is what makes up this first impression. The overall outer aesthetics that make your home seem inviting, or accentuate the beauty of your home plays a very important role, especially it comes to the overall value of your home. Lawn care and ornamentation such as fish ponds and gardens can help with this this, but one the best ways to improve your homes curb appeal is with the good lighting. If you really want to add a touch of class to your home, recessed lighting is the way to go.

From Dark and Foreboding to Warm and Inviting

Light does a lot to affect our mood in a lot of ways. Darkness can present an air of gloom or depression. The dark easily hides some of the more beautiful aspects of your home, and can make a guest feel a little less than welcome. Light on the other hand, literally helps to brighten your mood. It can make a home feel more cozy, warm and inviting. Porch lights do more than show you where the front door is, it helps to suggest a more welcoming atmosphere for your home.

Shining a light on Unseen Hazards

Lighting is also important from a safety and security standpoint. Darkness makes your home a more tempting target for burglars and vandals. It’s also greatly increases the chances for trips and falls. Having extra lights eliminates these hazards and makes your home safer all around.

  • While the standard for most outdoor lighting is floods and spotlights, there’s a lot you can do with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting creates a gentler light than a spotlight or a floodlight does. Recessed lights also allow you some more creative opportunities than other lighting would. Here are some areas to consider using recessed lighting outside your home.
  • Walkways and Stairs- What better way to show your guests the way to your home than through a glowing pathway? Mounting lighting in your walkway and stairways help illuminate the path, highlight the stairs all while adding a sophisticated and modern look to your home.
  • Ponds and Pools- Having lighting around your swimming pool is a must, especially from an insurance standpoint, but you can also create some really breath taking effects with use of recessed light inside the pool. Recessed lighting inside fishponds and other water features also creates a beautiful effect and makes them enjoyable even at night.
  • Around the House- You can also use recessed lighting to accentuate your home. Up lighting on trees or around the garage helps to highlight the exterior design over your home without the harsh glare of a larger external light. You can also use recessed lighting to create a moonlight effect which can really take your homes exterior to a whole new level.

Recessed lighting comes with a lot of different styles and options including the color of the light itself. Recessed lighting is another way to let your creativity shine when designing your home.

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