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Alarming signs to detect the child’s diabetes

child diabetesDiabetes is unfortunately a disease that increases dangerously especially among our children. For that reason, an early detection is highly recommended. In this article, we show you how this can be done and what are the signs to which you can pay attention.

The signs:

  • The first thing to notice is when your child asks to drink water all the time.
  • Also, if your child urinates frequently day and night (more than normal) it can be an alarming sign too.
  • For children who no longer urinate in their beds, it can be alarming if they start doing it again.
  • A sudden loss of weight should be taken into consideration especially if your child has a normal appetite.
  • Finally, your child might feel dizzy, have stomach aches and feel tired (knowing that at this age, children are full of energy).

When many of these symptoms are gathered, it is urgent to take your child to see a doctor.

What would a doctor do?

At an early stage, a simple test in a urine sample is enough to detect the illness.  If the result is positive, the child will be given an appropriate treatment adapted to their age.

Where does it come from?

At this early age, it is considered as an autoimmune disease. Meaning that the child’s defense system destroys some of his own cells; eventually the pancreas’!

As a result, the sugar level in the blood increases and is present in the urine (that’s why the urine test can be revealing).

What impact does it have on the child’s life?

When the test is revealed positive, your child will need a balanced diet just like any ordinary child. However, you should prevent them from taking sweet drinks and snacks. Your child can also eat at the school’s canteen, play sport, or just play with his friends. You only have to coordinate the efforts with the school and the doctor.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about the signs to detect diabetes. Well every parent should read out this post and I will share this post so that maximum parents will come to know about these signs. Well my wife is doing online childcare course and I am sure this post will also help her in her course study.