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5 Clues To Get Over Your Winter Blues

Days are shorter, and our mood goes down, it looks like a break down. Don’t worry it is just winter blues. We tell you what causes it, and how to deal with it. Cause : It seems that winter blues have something to do with daylight. Indeed, unlike vampire, we ...

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How to Deal With Libido Decrease in Winter

It is common that couples break up between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. There is a pressure the couples feel at that particular period of the year; also they get physically weak and vulnerable. In fact, the energy level is very low during winter which causes bad mood and stress. In ...

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5 Great Tips to Get Rid of Cold when you just start to feel it !

  When the cold virus gets into your nasal cavity, your immune system responds quickly. This reaction of your body causes the “classic” symptoms: flowing nose, sneezing, tingling, or soring throat. Once you have these symptoms, you should fight the cold before the virus gets superinfected (ear infection, sinusitis). So ...

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How To Avoid Weight Gain this Christmas

A recent study has shown the extra pounds we pile on with turkey, pudding, and mince pies take up to 3 months to go away! Here are some tips to help you shed the extra weight. 1- 30 min Run can burn 450 calories…. that is 100g serving of Christmas ...

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Food poisoning cases double over the summer, be careful !

Food poisoning is usually mild, and most people get better within a week. But sometimes it can be more severe, even deadly, so it’s important to take the risks seriously. Children, older people and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to food poisoning. “The safest option is to cook food indoors ...

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The Zermati Diet was created by the French nutritionist Doctor Jean-Philippe Zermati. This is a non-restrictive weight management program that reduces your calorie intake, essentially by eating only in response to hunger signals. Here are some of the principles of this life-long weight-management program : – Write down your dietary ...

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