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Top 10 Mortgage and Refinance Companies in 2013

Mortgage refinancing can help those with a debt burden obtain a lower interest rate and provide them with some breathing room as far as finances go. The refinance mortgage process can also help homeowners switch to a fixed rate and sometimes receive cash out to fund projects or make purchases. ...

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4 Tips to get the Best from your Insurance

During these tight times, we tend to think that skimping on insurance coverage is a smart solution; hoping that nobody sideswipes our car or breaks into our house. The good news is if you take time to shop around, you can find a wide assortment of discounts and deals that ...

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Invest in Yourself, Your Most Valuable Asset

You keep thinking about how to make a good investment, in what should you invest, what is the timing for that… In this article, we tell you that investing in yourself is the most important capital! 1- Believe it: you are a capital To your family, your company and even ...

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6 Awesome Ideas To Save Money At Christmas

Every year, right after Christmas holidays, a lot of people repeat the same sentence “I’m broke now”. Well here are some tips to avoid spending your entire budget during Christmas. 1- Make your list of gifts : Sit down for a moment and make a list of gifts according to ...

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