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4 Design Tricks For Decorating Any Room

room-decorationWhen a painter takes a look at a blank canvas, he either sees an opportunity to create the most beautiful masterpiece or a challenge that aims nothing but to confound. This is the same thing which an interior decorator feels and thinks about after seeing a room. If a professional can sometimes feel stumped when encountering a new project, how much more an ordinary homeowner without any background in the art of furniture arrangement? While creativity can never be boxed and so there never really are any hard and fast rules to decorating, below are ten fool-proof decorating tips:

1. Think about how you wish to use your space

One easy way for you to have some sense of purpose when decorating a room is to think about how you’re going to use it. Depending on the kind of room you want to have, there will always be elements which are inextricable with it. For instance, a dining room will always need to have a dining table and chairs. The secret to decorating is picking out stylish intrinsic elements of your room. Also, don’t rely so much on the world’s perception of what a room should be. Since you’ll be the one using it, think about how you and your family will really be utilizing the space. For instance, if you feel that a living room ala club room is something which your family will enjoy much better, then don’t be afraid to get rid of the couch.

2. Choose a focal point

In every room, you must always identify a focal point. A focal point is a part of the room which instantly draws the eyes of any person that walks in. One very common focal point would have to be the fireplace. Other focal points include a spectacular view or a large television. The purpose of a focal point is that it pulls together all elements of the room. The focal point allows you to choose a color template without fear that you might have made such farfetched color decisions.

3. Large pieces first

As a matter of policy, interior decorators from Nick Scali (NCK) make it a point to design a room by placing the larger pieces in the room first and then bringing in smaller pieces later. What decorators often do is to position these large pieces so that they face the focal point. If you’re arranging chairs and sofas, then you should ensure that these pieces are not more than 8 feet apart from each other to facilitate conversation. Also, make it a point to allow your furniture pieces some space for breathing. This means pulling them away from the walls, unless of course you have an exceptionally small room.

4. Go for symmetry

There is always beauty in symmetry and this remains true even when you decorate. One charm of symmetrically designing your room is that your space is instantly transformed into a very formal one without having to put in so much thought into the entire design process.

Author Bio

Jade Howell, a professional interior designer and writer, shares the best tips when it comes to home furniture. She has several interesting suggestions when decorating indoor spaces at home.

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