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How to fight stinking drain smell

stinking drain smellWater pipe bad smell is the most annoying thing that can make your staying at home unbearable. If you spend a lot of time in front of the products to choose the most efficient one, we here suggest that you try other easy technics.

Use coffee grounds to eliminate the bad smell

If you are a coffee drinker, this solution can be efficient as well as ecologist and easy.  After drinking your coffee, pour the coffee grounds in the sink. This way, you are giving a second life to your coffee instead of throwing it away!!

In fact, the abrasive qualities of coffee tend to scrap-off the impurities existing in the pipeline. So, if you have a pod coffee machine cut the pod outlet and pour it in the sink.

Nevertheless, this technic can be used only once/ week!

Also, don’t use it if you have residues in the pipe such as hair or aliments… you need to clean it first then use coffee grounds to fight the smell.

Unclog the drain can be useful too

Sometimes, the smell can be caused by a clogged drain. It is also easy to treat this inconvenience with simple tips.

  • Pour in the sink a mixture of one tea spoon of baking soda, quarter glass of fine salt, half a glass of hot white vinegar. Use it only once per week.
  • One or two white yoghurt poured in the drain can fight the impurities thanks to the acidity and bacteria contained in the yoghurt! However, this tip is a bit restraining as you need to stop using the sink for 2 days. Yet, if you are travelling it can be very useful.

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