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How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

How to Fix a Hole in the WallAll of us have found ourselves in a situation to move furniture around, to carry things on a larger scale, and in a moment of inattention to hit the wall with the thing you are carrying. It is an easy thing to repair it if the dent is small, some plaster, paint it after, and you’re done. But what to do if the damage made is a bit bigger? How to repair a wall if you made quite large hole? The one through which your fist can pass? Follow these simple steps to fix the damage that has been made.

1. Material

All of the items required are quite easy to find, fortunately. You will need a putty knife, which can be found in every tool shed, sandpaper, for smoothing dried patching compound, which will also be needed. Some patches for covering holes are essential, as well as wall texture cover and some paint, in the same shade as the surrounding wall. When you have obtained all the items required, feel free to pass on to the next step.

2. Preparation

First thing you should do before starting the main part of the job, is to prepare the surrounding wall. Remove existing debris, if there is any, from the hole itself, and the surrounding area. In addition, see if there are any loose parts of the wall, and remove it too. Next thing to do is to use the sandpaper to clean surrounding of the hole. After this, apply patch to the hole, and be sure it is covered completely.

3. Covering of the Hole

After being left for some time to harden, wall patch should be covered with composition material, by using putty knife. This part of the job can be tricky, so be careful to apply adequate amount of material, and not to make a mess in the room you are working in. A good piece of advice is to put used newspaper on the floor, to avoid drips and stains. Also, be careful to spread material evenly, in order to make things easier when it hardens. After it dries out, some leveling is about to be done. In a recent conversation with my local vendors of cordless tools, I discovered that you’ll need a grinder with sandpaper attached to it, so the job will be quicker. When you have made edges smooth and in level with the rest of the wall, apply wall texture spray, and leave it for the night to dry.

4. Finishing

At the very end, use paint to cover the area you have been working on, and be careful to apply matching shade of the paint. Check if there is any dust left, or similar odds and ends, left from your work, and clean up the place.

That’s it! You just have saved some money for yourself, and the change will be unnoticeable. If you are even a bit skilled in using tolls and material listed, you won’t be having any problems. But, on the other hand, if you are less keen on using required, feel free to take some time, for this job isn’t hard, and literally anyone can do it.

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