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How to properly ventilate your bathroom

bathroom_ventilationProper bathroom ventilation is important for the good condition of the bathroom as well as its easier cleaning and maintaining. Choosing the proper bathroom extractor fan isn’t difficult when you know what you should check. To learn how to properly ventilate your bathroom here are some useful tips and advices. They can be applied to every bathroom regardless of its size. Use them to choose the proper ventilating system for your bathroom.

1. Size

To choose the most appropriate exhaust fan you should know the size of your bathroom and the ability of the extractor fan to circulate air. This last is measured by the unit – cubic feet per minute. This unit is the most significant factor which determines the efficiency of the bathroom fan. To know which one is the most appropriate for your bathroom first you have to measure your bathroom space.

The main rule when you buy a bathroom fan is that it should have fifty cubic feet per meter minimum, no matter the size of the bathroom. For bathrooms which are bigger than fifty square feet the ratio of the bathroom size and the cubic feet per minute of the bathroom fan is 1:1. This means that if you bathroom is ninety square feet large it requires an extractor fan with ninety cubic feet per minute. You can use a formula to calculate the minimal  cubic feet per minute which are required for the extractor fan that you need according to your bathroom space.

 2. Noise

The sone rating of your extractor fan is also very important. The sound is measured in sones: the less sones the more silent your extractor fan will be. It depends on your preferences. So before you go to the store to buy and exhaust fan you should know how silent you want it to be. Of course low-noise fans are more pricey but there are many inexpensive silent extractor fan models from which you can choose from. Don’t make compromises with quality choosing the cheapest exhaust fan. You probably won’t need the most expensive model as well. This is a purchase you make once so you can invest a little more and you won’t have to deal with buying a bathroom extractor fan again.

  3. Priorities

If you install or replace a bathroom extractor fan you can choose a model which has a night lamp. It will be useful if you have children. You can also buy  an exhaust fan with a heat lamp that is built-in. If you choose a bathroom extractor fan with timer you won’t have to check if the fan is turned off every time after someone uses the bathroom. It will turn off automatically. There are different models and brands with many extras and additional functions. Before you buy the extractor fan that you need, make yourself clear what are your priorities and requirements.

 4. Ventilation

The bathroom gets heated after every use so choosing an effective and suitable ventilating system for it is essential. Apart from opening the window after using it which you should do, it is necessary for the bathroom to be well ventilated while taking a shower. There are plenty of bathroom extractor fans which are offered in the markets. Make the necessary measurements and choose the proper type of extractor fan for your bathroom. The bathroom cleaning and maintaining in a good condition will be a lot easier are saying from CarpetCleaning Highbury. Moisture and heat can create mildew and damage to the tiles and bathroom walls, if the room is not properly ventilated. So invest in a suitable extractor fan and you will spend less time cleaning the bathroom, which will be protected from mould.

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