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Interior Design Trends for 2015

Interior Design Trends for 2015This is the right time of year to try and remember all the important trends in interior design that have happened in 2014 and to try and figure out all the trends that will happen in 2015. Interior design asks for a lot of creativity and it really is interesting to visit all those furniture fairs and interior design exhibitions and see what awaits in the following year. For now, there are several things that will obviously mark the 2015’s interior design. The keyword of the year to come is definitely be ‘mixture.’ Mixing different styles while maintaining elegance is the challenge that awaits in the 2015.

Ethnic Influence

You can probably draw a parallel between the interior design trends of the 2015 and the world music. The common parallel is the combination of the modern and basic themes with the ethnic details and elements. For example, the tear-like patterns that are characteristic for Indian folk art or the Oriental materials at least in form of colorful cushions on basic leather sofas. This will make rooms colorful and interesting while functional at the same time.

Natural Materials

Materials that are all natural and with wonderful and interesting texture will be a real hit in the interior design in the 2015. Wood, stone, velvet, wool, cotton, leather and everything natural will be a must. When you look at outdoor furniture designs by William Dangar with its wooden chairs combined with elegant and somewhat minimalistic lines and colorful patterns, you get the idea about the next year’s trend in interior design.

Combination of Vintage and Modern

Another combination that will mark the year to come is the combination of modern and vintage furniture and details. Whole vintage interior design includes a lot of ornament and details, the texture that appeals to you and invites you to touch it, like velvet materials, wool and the like. Modern, somewhat minimalistic, elegant look gets all the soul and spirit from the vintage details. This combination is to be expected throughout the 2015.


With all that combination and mixture of styles, it is easy to go over the top. However, one of the imperatives in the following year will be to keep it simple and elegant, while adding some flavor of ethnic or vintage details. It seems that the old saying that the less is more will be one of the guidelines in the following year and that it will be a demanding to combine colorful details and still keep it stylish. Flat lines, low furniture, big smooth surfaces and minimalistic base of design are all parts of the equation in 2015.

Besides these trends and notions of interior design in 2015, there is also a trend of recycling and eco-friendly design. This is a trend was big in the 2014, but will continue to be important in 2015. Just imagine what you can do with green walls in the bathroom or spice racks filled with the actual spice plants growing out of the pots.

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