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Sushis have more calories than a Big Mac Burger

Sushis caloriesMany of us consider sushis as a light and diet food. However, according to the nutritionist Rachel Beller, (author of the book “Eat to lose, Eat to win”), sushis have more calories than a Big Mac burger with fries.

As a matter of fact, one maki contains between 290 to 350 Kcal. So, if you take 2 or 3 rolls, you will easily reach 1000 Kcal.

It is surprising to notice that a big mac burger with French fries goes up to 700 Kcal.

The question then remains, where do all the calories of sushi come from?

It is a known fact that rice composes 75% of a sushi piece, and each piece contains 5gr of fish only!

Also, the rice is cooked in vinegar with salt and sugar; adding to that cream cheese and/or mayonnaise used in sushi.

Rachel Beller advises in this case to go for sashimis which don’t contain rice and are rich in Omega 3 and proteins.

Finally, even if sushis have more calories, it doesn’t mean that they’re as dangerous for your health as a big mac menu 🙂

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