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Shun the air conditioner and your hefty electricity bills – Tips to stay cool without AC

stay cool without ACDuring summer the only thing that comes to our mind is scorching heat! While 85% of the US homes have air conditioners, we may all be able to save money if we stop using them. Reports suggest that the typical US household spends about 20% of the annual energy bill of about $475 due to the cooling that they need in their homes. Saving energy is our duty and as the entire world is adopting a greener lifestyle, what are we waiting for?

Shouldn’t we too start living in our homes without the air conditioner? As the people are addicted to using their air conditioners, they are shocked to thinking about leading a life without AC. How about taking a look at some tips that can help you keep cool even without AC? Check them out.

1 – Close down all your windows

Well, you might be surprised to see this as the first point but on those hot summer days and afternoons, opening the windows might make you feel warmer rather than feeling cooler. Only when the air outside is cooler, you should keep the windows open. Play safe with the blinds and shades before the sun shines up on your house in the early morning. If you can keep your home cool since the early morning, you will feel cool throughout the rest of the day.

2 – Use your fans strategically

The fact is that there are too many people who are not actually aware of the ways in which they should use their fans. We all know the basic fact that the ceiling fans are usually used to create a gentle blowing wind in the entire room. But do we know that the ceiling fans should be running in the right direction in the summer in order to make us feel cool? Remember that we can also use ceiling fans in winter in order to create an updraft. So, in summer, you should feel that the breeze should be blowing down. If you’re using the stand-alone fans, you should directly place them in front of you.

3 – Eat meals that are cool enough

Did you know that drinking a nice cocktail will easily help you cool your body? You can certainly eat cool food like watermelon, fruit juice, cold soup in order to keep your body cool. Try to avoid any kind of oily food or junk food as this makes you feel warm and rather hot during the summers.

4 – Add water to your body

If you keep on adding water to your body, the relief will almost be immediate and this will last for a long period of time. You should drink water frequently so that your body might feel hydrated and thereby you may feel cool. Eight ounces of water is required for our body every hour. You can add mint leaves, cucumber, lemon or orange into your water in order to feel more refreshing.

So, if you wish to save your electricity bills and your energy, you should follow the above mentioned points. Stay cool and be blessed with a cool temperament.

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