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SOS tips to stay on top during summer

summer body careDuring summer, we tend to neglect some parts of our body and care more about our look and make up. However, it is necessary to take care of your hair, skin, and feet so you don’t regret it after the holidays.

1 – SOS: My hair is dry

Usually, after a good swim or just few hours in the beach, you hear becomes dry. In fact, your hair is not protected during summer becoming then fragile and weak.

The right reflex

In order to remedy to this, use shampoo and mask for dry hair. It will give your hair the necessary nutriments in order to be healthy. Don’t forget to use a no-rinse repairing cream to protect your hair from the sun.

2 – SOS: I have a crocodile skin

This skin dryness is usually located in the upper legs, the area that lacks sebum in our body. That explains why we always need to moisturize our body daily.

The good reflex

Follow a treatment during a month where you will take care of your legs daily: exfoliate daily your skin then rinse your skin then moisturize with vegetal oil. Finally apply a cream rich in urea that has an extra moisturizing effect!

3 – SOS: My waterproof mascara damages my eyelashes

Well, you need to know that when you use a waterproof mascara, it’s the make up remover is responsible for losing your eyelashes! In fact, you need to know that the waterproof products are made to stay longer; hence, when removing them, you simply don’t do it the right way.

The good reflex

First thing is to buy a remover special for waterproof makeup. Usually, they are supposed to be greasier but they surely remove the makeup softly. For a better effect, spray thermal water on your face.

4 – SOS: I have corns in my feet

If you have a hard skin under your feet, well it is due to the friction of your feet in your shoes. This corns are created to protect your foot skin that is why it is hard.

The good reflex

Apply a suitable emollient cream rich with vitamins every evening; then wear your soft socks. You will notice the difference within a week!

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