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4 simple exercises to manage stress during your holiday

Manage-Stress-holidayWe all long for summer holidays after weeks and weeks of hard work! Yet, when holidays are finally here, we are usually so stressed that we don’t benefit fully of our vacation. We suggest to you 4 simple and easy exercises that you can practice during your holiday which will help you deal with the stress.

1 – Find your foothold in the ground

Lie down on your back. Your arms alongside with your body, and your legs stretched out. Feel the weight of all your body. Try to breath from yur belly slowly, feeling the air in and out. Then try to contract the muscles of your body part by part. Contract and release after few seconds.

2 – Lotus position meditation

Sit down, legs folded on the sides with the feet joined together (the soles tight). Our fett must be as close as possible to your pubic area. Put each hand on a knee. Your palms turned up to the sky. Join your thumb and forefinger together. Stay in this position as long as you can while breathing slowly and quietly. But more important, try to think about nothing, free your mind from any thought!

3 – Curl into a ball

Lie on your back in the sand. Bring your knees to your breasts and hold them with your arms. Try to bring your head to your knees by lifting your upper body. Slowly, roll back and forth several times in a row. Take a break ling back before you start again.

4 – Float like a board

Take advantage of the smooth sea. Lie on your back with your arms outstretched on our sides and your legs slightly closed. Your head must be in extension to your body till the water reaches your ears. Stay in this position for a while. Breaths slowly, relax and enjoy with your eyes closed or simply looking at the sky.

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