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5 ideas to decorate your table for summer

During summer, outdoors meals and family gathering become more frequent ! if you wish to blow your guests with a fabulous decoration that won’t take long time or efforts, here are 5 ideas we suggest to you to decorate your table for summer. Enjoy!

1 – An old container

If you have an unused big porcelain soup bowl, put in it some flowers with big blossoms like roses. It is perfect to decorate the center of your table.

An old container

2 – Fruits

Well, a large and medium height vase made of glass. Fill it with water and put some nice green or red apples. You will have floating fruits on your table as decoration. You can use 2 or 3 supports.

table fruits

3 – Lemon twist

In a large glass bowl (better with pedestal), combine lemon with nuts and some green plants. This color mixture will be fascinating! Start with the nuts to fill the bowl, then the lemons and some green leaves (even mint can be perfect)!!

Lemon twist table

4 – Introducing daisy

Select some medium oranges, make a small hole in each. Then put a daisy in each orange. Present them on a pedestal plate! The effect will be bluffing!

Introducing daisy table

5 – Autumn pinecones

Play with pinecones by painting them in gold or silver (using a spray only). Then choose vases of different sizes and fill them with the pinecones. Decorate your table as you wish!

Autumn pinecones table

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