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5 tips to make your day happier

smile_happy_dayWhat is the key to happiness? It seems after all that it’s not that complicated.

We will show you how to brighten your day in 5 steps.

1- Benefit from the little joys of your day

It’s true that it’s not easy to be happy while you have a pack of files at work as well as a family to take care of. However, happiness starts and can be found in those little joys of the day: a small victory at work, 30% off on the shoes you like…try to enjoy every sweet little moment of your day no matter how insignificant it can seem to others.

2- Be grateful

Well, all you need for that is to look at the bright side of everything you have: you have a lot of work; well at least you have a job!

Learn to be grateful for all the things you have in your life and that you love. Also, happiness can be overwhelming when you help others who are less fortunate.

The aim of being grateful is to be less centered on your own worries.

3- Create beautiful souvenirs

Try to capture every moment of your day or week. If you are spending the afternoon with your children in the park, take your camera with you and seize the moment. You can look at them later and they will be like an escape for you when you’re having a bad time 🙂

4- Take care of yourself

We know that it is not easy to free some time to take care of yourself. But try to pick at least one day per week to spoil yourself: take a bath, dress up, put some of your best perfumes… Bear in mind that you do all this for yourself first!

5- Learn to say NO

It is true that we have some obligations at work or at home, but don’t let these obligations become a source of suffering for you. If you are asked for the 10th time to baby sit for the week end while you don’t feel like it; just say NO!

Some people might take advantage of your kindness and it is high time to think about yourself and your well-being.

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  1. It is important to know how to become happier. Your article is good for that. Besides we should know how to deal with depression. Depression is a main obstacle of happiness.