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Tips to Maintaining a Vintage-style Kitchen

There’s something timeless about vintage kitchens, from the walls to the flooring and everything in between. Vintage-style kitchens are becoming increasingly in vogue, but how do you maintain them? Achieving a vintage-style look generally requires ongoing care and maintenance of the kitchen’s floor, surfaces, and appliances. 1 – Appliances Creating ...

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How To Choose The Best Knife Sharpener

The culinary world has a lot of different tools that you may want to invest in. One of the major pieces, and something that even the home cook will testify to needing and wanting is that of a good set of knives. Without these, cutting in a precise manner can ...

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10 Space Friendly Kitchen Layouts

It’s an age-old problem: how do I best utilize the space in my kitchen? Builders, designers, moms, cooks, and everyone in between has asked this question at least once. There are a number of answers to the issue, but some seem to work better than others. They key is to ...

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DIY – A Fun Room Makeover for the Kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a facelift, but find yourself constricted by your budget? While you may not be able to completely remodel your kitchen, there are plenty of cost-effective DIY projects you can take advantage of to give your kitchen a fun makeover. From painting countertops and ...

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4 steps to make a new kitchen table

Summer is coming soon and you may need to change the design of your kitchen. You can take advantage of a nice clear day and tinker for a while! Indeed, if you have an old table that sleeps in your garage and make a nice kitchen table of it. 1- ...

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